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A group of fitness, health, and wellness professionals who want to make a difference, empower women, and help them lead a healthy lifestyle through the Heya Health community, both online and on-ground. A non-competitive and healthy environment where we all share the same goal and that is empowering women. If you are a fitness or health professional, this is your place to connect and inspire. Not a health and fitness professional but you own a business within the same field and aim to empower women? Hop on the Heya train and join the ride.


Calling all group exercise instructors, the forefront of the group exercise movement.

personal trainers

The motivators and pros shaping lives, brains and bodies through effective programming and execution.

specialized coaches

Performance Specialists

Health Coaches

Behavior Change

Life Coaching

Pain Management


Healthy eating advocates guiding others to sustainable and healthier lifestyles.

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