Why Heya Loves Working from Home...

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The Heya team have been working from home long before it was enforced on almost everyone worldwide. We are strong believers and advocates for the WFH concept (yes we just made that up :') for so many reasons. There maybe a few cons such as procrastination and the temptation of slacking, but there are tons of pros we can vouch for.

You do not need a physical office to be more productive or professional. You just need commitment, reliability and honesty. Here are some of our favorite things and benefits about working from home:

  • Less traffic = less congestion on roads

  • No traffic for us!

  • More sleep! Guess that's better than being stuck in a car

  • Less exhaustion - Well because of more sleep...duh!

  • You get to create your own environment

  • No constant noise = more concentration

  • Flexible schedule but you gotta be a good planner.

  • You get to meet clients at fun places most of the time 😉

  • Great for mamas especially those who do not have the luxury of leaving their kids with someone.

  • Save money on clothing - you'll still be dressed, not advocating for working at home naked here 😂 Added bonus: the business saves money too.

Now most of us are stuck at home unwillingly, but who says you cannot make the best out of it?! Take this time to reflect and plan. If you are new to the concept, we suggest dedicating a space for a home office and make it nice. Add some flowers, your favorite stationary, keep a bottle of water next to you and for a little bit of aroma; add a scented candle you like, just make sure it's not too close to paper; we want you and the house in one piece :)

Most importantly, give yourself a break! Get your feet moving, stretch it out, meditate for 10 minutes, do some breathing exercises, listen to some music and whatever gives your beautiful soul a boost in the middle of the day.

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