As we were scrolling down on our instagram feed, we came across a post that warmed our hearts and filled our minds with inspiration. We consider ourselves fortunate for experiencing the empowering impact of fitness on our lives and so does Amany Helmy Khalil who is a force to be reckoned with; taking it upon herself to dedicate her next marathon to support and empower other women in collaboration with WomenKind Worldwide.

Amany, an Egyptian mother and athlete, began her career in Banking and after three years she resigned to help support her husband abroad with his Ph.D program and raise her two sons. During that time, she got certified to be a Fitness Instructor and found her new self in running. Running gave her the energy, the motivation and the goal. She finished her first marathon in Dallas, Texas and returned with her family back home to Egypt.

Upon her return, she discovered that running in Cairo was not the same as running in Denton, Texas. Against all odds, she pursued her love of running.

Throughout her boys’ School years, she finished 16 international marathons. Then when they entered college, she discovered the world of triathlons and dedicated her free time to learn and train to be a triathlete, until she was able to finish a full Ironman race in Barcelona ( 4Km swim+180km cycling + 42.2km running) at the age of 50 and earn the title of the first Egyptian Mother to become an Ironman.

Afterwards she succeeded to be the first Egyptian Woman to qualify for the Boston Marathon and finish it. Reaching 21 international throughout her motherhood, she is now inspired to finish the top six major marathons of the world.

Her aim is to send a message to all Egyptian women and Africa as a whole, that they too can go after their dreams no matter what cultural, gender or age barrier they face. And to know, It's never too late to fulfill your passion and dreams.

That's why, she is now collaborating with Womankind Worldwide (the charity she is running for) which aims to help women of Africa transform their lives to the better. This includes; ending all forms of violence and abuse against them, creating awareness for their rights and equal opportunities. In addition to giving them self respect, value and worth in society as well as protect and preserve their mental, physical, sexual and emotional health.

Womankind believes in the power of women to transform their own lives.

For 30 years they have been supporting women’s movements and organizations to strengthen and grow. Through equal partnerships they aim to advance the rights of women globally.

Help Amany achieve her aim to empower women through sports by donating. Your donations will make a difference to her cause and allow change to happen.