top 10 tips for a healthy cycle

Yasmine Nazmy of @livinggreenwithyasmine shares with us her fabulous tips to make that time of the month a little less daunting. After all it is our bodies natural process of keeping us healthy and here it goes.

1- Eat LOTS of greens! Most important right before your cycle, but also during... and after... you have to maintain this habit okay?! 😄 It helps you bleed less abundantly.

2- Handle any harsh emotions as soon as they arise and work on finding a calmer inner mood. You don’t want to start your cycle with emotional baggage, so deal with it ASAP - don’t bottle it in! :)

3- Stop eating crap. Sugar, fried food, white carbs and even alcohol - if you know it’s bad for you, quit it. That crap makes your period unpleasant (in every way) cause it’s all toxic stuff surfacing at the same time!

4- Honor your energy. When you are tired, rest. Don’t force yourself to work out when your body is begging for a break! This will help regulate your cycle.

5- Over exercising can stress you out and delay your period, so make sure to make your workouts enjoyable and regular 😉 if you are over exercising because you are stressed, deal with the stress directly with any kind of grounding therapy - talking to someone is a good start.

6- Eat seeds on a regular basis... like flaxseeds, pumpkin & sunflower seeds - raw is better. These give you iron, omega-3s and help stabilize your hormones.

7- You want to eat chocolate? That's fine! Nothing wrong with that! You probably need the magnesium anyway, but go for dark chocolate without sugar - and preferably make your own desserts with dates 😉

8- This may seem obvious, but monitor your cycle according to the moon - it’s the closest you can get without any tools like apps or thermometers 😂 It’ll also help you plan your life more easily.

9- Don’t put yourself in a victim mode, it’s not a healthy comfort zone... your period doesn’t happen TO you, it happens according to your lifestyle - the one you choose every day. Think of your period as a monthly report of your health.

10- If you are in a lot of pain in-spite of following all these tips, seek medical help and check for inflammations like endometriosis.

Adding to that, there are multiple natural remedies and self care tactics that can help with pain management and mood enhancement. More on this in our next blog post.

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