Raw goodness in a bottle...6 Reasons You Should Add Smoothies to your Day

Eat your fruits and veggies and you will grow stronger, mama said as we were growing up. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Carrots will improve your eyesight day and night. And if you were born in the 70s or 80s, you probably remember Popeye squeezing a can of Spinach followed by his biceps expanding up to his ears as he kicked his rivalry's butt. We can go on and on, but you kinda get what we mean 😄

As full-grown adults, we occasionally feel challenged getting in the necessary fruit and veggie intake or to be completely honest, sometimes we also feel a little *ehem* lazy to wash, chop then eat. If you're anything like us, one surefire way has helped, we go for a...drumroll please 🥁 a "smoothie"

6 reasons why we love smoothies 👇

  1. They are healthy and nutritious

  2. They can serve as a meal replacement or a midday snack

  3. They help with digestion

  4. They give the immune system a major boost

  5. They serve as a natural anti-inflammatory

  6. They are a great energy booster

Smoothies are such a wonderful option to get loads of healthy nutrients into your body. While some of them contain a lot of sugar, there are ones that are raw, fresh, without any added preservatives or sugar, and TOTS dee.li.cious!

Heya recommends "GURAW" - a new local brand your taste buds will absolutely love. With 6 flavors created to provide our bodies with nutritious ingredients by mixing up fruits, veggies, protein, and the good kind of fat which makes them a winning meal replacement. Our favorite thing is how each smoothie supports optimal health differently. Made from eath's superfoods, GURAW's smoothies help support heart health, bone health, immunity, brain health, radiant skin, and a healthy body inside and out.

If you are always on the go or tend to miss essential meals, a smoothie can do the trick, fuel, and fill you up when you need it the most.

Give it a try and you will thank us for it!

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