Are you Really Hungry or Just Emotional?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I strongly believe that anyone who has an eating disorder simply has an emotional problem. Ask yourself; What does food mean to me?

For some, they link it to happiness; because -for as long as they can remember- whenever there was a family gathering, a birthday party, an occasion, or celebration there were lots and lots of tasty rich food. And at that time ... they were happy; surrounded by their loved ones, feeling festive and joyous. So whenever they’re lonely or feeling sad they eat, hoping to feel the same way they felt when they were consuming these foods before. They try to fill a gap that originally isn’t created by hunger or lack of nutrients, it’s emotional.

Which explains why when someone hates his job, an easy fix for him -with everything in his subconscious linking food to happiness- would be a calorie-rich meal and sitting on the couch watching a movie after work. Imagine this being his everyday life, of course, he’s going to suffer from an eating disorder! He doesn’t like what he’s doing, his job doesn’t exactly make him feel accomplished, it’s not fulfilling for him, he gets back home hoping to make the day a little bit better, exhausted and tired he looks for a “quick fix” to have some “good time”; and a neon sign that says FOOD instantly lights up in his head.

For some people, when they are stressed out, worried, or anxious, instead of working on the reason behind these emotions, they try to replace them with “happiness” and so, you guessed it; they eat.

For others, if they’re bored, they eat. Because when they’re usually out with friends having fun, they’re most likely sitting at a restaurant eating and chatting, and so they eat because they link food to gatherings with friends -which is the opposite of boredom-.

Now here’s the other question you need to ask yourself; Did eating fix your problem? If it was boredom, now that you’re done with your chocolate, are you any less bored?

All you’re left with is an extra inch around your waist PLUS the original feeling of boredom.

Did it fix your anxiety? If you were worried about an interview, did it make you less worried?

Fear, worry, and anxiousness are fought with two things; preparation and faith; work hard and do your best then trust that God won’t let your hard work go to waste. Have faith and breathe.

To wrap it all up, I’m going to ask you again to be honest with yourself and know exactly what food means to you, then talk yourself out of this belief you have created in your subconscious. If you are lonely, reach out to a friend, go for a walk with someone, or maybe go to the gym and make some new buddies. If you’re bored, try a walk in the park, or do some crafts, read a book, watch a movie, or better yet go take a fun class.

If you’re feeling down, try exercising even if it’s for as little as 15 minutes. Go for something that you like; tennis, yoga, Zumba .... as long as it’s a form of exercise you enjoy. You’ll get hooked on the adrenaline rush and before you know it you’ll link happiness to exercising rather than food and you’ll use it as your way to a happier you! ☺️

Start NOW! Talk yourself out of linking food to joy and into linking joy to any other healthy alternative of your choice!

Food is NOT happiness! Food is NOT entertainment!

Happiness is feeling healthy 😍 Happiness is family time, Happiness is a friends’ gathering, Happiness is a Cardio dance class, Happiness is painting, Happiness is looking good in anything you wear, And the list goes on ... to each his own.