Gym Etiquette...The Dos & The Don'ts

Just like having table manners, communication, and social etiquette, there are a few things you need to consider and keep in mind during your sweat sesh at the gym or any fitness facility. Most of the practices currently being implemented by facilities should be standard operating procedures rather than a pandemic related action. While some of the things we believe are crucial and probably just plain common sense, they may seem a little extreme for many.

A gym is a place where tens and hundreds of people visit at least 2-3 times a week. A setting where we all sweat and release negative energy. The same goes for boutique and specialized fitness studios. The dos and don'ts apply wherever you choose to train.

Here are our top 15 dos and don'ts plus a bonus tip 😉

  1. Be courteous and mindful. Respect people sharing the same space.

  2. Do not hog one piece of equipment for a long period of time especially during peak time.

  3. Wipe down equipment after you're done. Cross-contamination and infections have been there way before COVID-19.

  4. Want to listen to your own music? Use headphones!

  5. Do not talk loudly on your phone while others workout.

  6. Do not leave weights lying around after a lifting session. Pick them up and save someone's toe.

  7. Taking a class? Arrive 5 minutes early or at least on time, but most definitely not 15 minutes later.

  8. If you happen to enter a class during the warm-up, head to the back row. It is not ok to jump your way to the front...BIG NO NO.

  9. Bring your own mat. It's healthier, cleaner, and safer.

  10. Pick up after yourself after any class that requires the use of small equipment such as dumbells, rubber bands, props...etc.

  11. Water bottles are meant for hydrating, not for booking spots in a class.

  12. Be kind to the newbies, they are probably intimidated by the whole experience. We've all been there.

  13. No side talks during a class, it's disrespectful to the instructor and others as well.

  14. Bring a towel, a. to wipe your sweat, and b. cover up your mat if needed. If you are using the gym's towels, PLEASE do not leave them in random places after you are done.

  15. Do not skip the warm-up or cooldown under any circumstances. They are equally important and will help protect you from injuries.

  16. Last but not least, wear fresh clothes that are breathable while working out. You may be covered in sweat after one hour, but what you wear can help prevent bacteria from building up and causing body odor.

Got any other tips that we may have missed? Share with us in a comment 👇