food is not the enemy

Yesterday we posted a poll asking our Heyas if they have a healthy relationship with food or not, and the result was 60% answered no and 40% yes. Let's look at the bright side here; we love that women are aware, be it positive or negative. Awareness is key to change.

Have you ever thought about the relationship you have with food? Yes that's one relationship that lasts a lifetime and we all want it to be a healthy one. Let's dig deeper into why some of us might have an unhealthy relationship with food. Some of us were brought up where food was an expression of love, others knew what a diet is since they were 5 years old which may have planted some toxic habits early on, some were constantly teased because they were simply built differently than what was/is considered "normal" based on societal standards, and the list goes on. We know first hand because one of our team members was a professional athlete and she constantly had to be careful what she ate for the sake of competitions and staying at a specific weight...not easy for a child and could develop into an eating disorder during adolescent years if not careful. All this can be a root cause behind an unhealthy connection with food which may also lead to a not so positive body image. Any of this sound familiar?

The word "diet" is merely a description of one's nutrition lifestyle, but over the years it has shifted to the definition of "a strict regimen for weight loss". Not huge fans here. Taking away food can make you want it even more and possibly turn into binging. We've all been there at some point.

Food is fuel not comfort. The quality of what you put in your body will affect its performance, either enhance it or things will go downhill. How you see and feel about food makes all the difference. The good kind of food will make you feel more energized, improve your mood, and will help you think more clearly. It can even help you sleep better.

We need to be ready to break the cycle of old habits that no longer help us lead a healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to food. Ready emotionally, mentally and physically. We need to be emotionally ready to face the real reasons behind those unhealthy habits, deal with them, and eventually heal. Mentally tough to resist falling off the wellness wagon. Last but not least, physically ready to change our lives around. You know the famous saying "abs are made in the kitchen"'s so freakin true! And once we are done with the kitchen, we take those abs and the rest of you body on a wild fitness ride.

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