9 yogis who bring good energy to our feed & we love them for it

It's no secret social media can be overwhelming at times, which is why we believe that following people and businesses who add value, offer good content, and bring good energy can make all the difference in how you experience the virtual world. If you are a Yoga lover, fan, enthusiast, or simply someone who may want to give it a try one day, we are happy to share with you some of our favorite local Yogis who offer a feel-good kind of content. What we love most about them is they keep it real and relatable. 💚

Here it goes!

(listed in alphabetical order)

Alia Sherif @aliasherif_

Certified 200RYT

Passion for Psychology and Yoga to understand mind, body & soul

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Reasons we love Alia: She's a breath of fresh air and she reminds us to always listen what our body is craving movement wise.

Diana Faaberg @dianafaaberg

Cofounder - The Faab Space

500 hr Certified yoga instructor

Reasons we love Diana: Her posts are so eloquent and heartfelt, they almost tell a story. The timelapse practices are so cool too.

Farah Ehsan @flowbyfarah

Functional yoga for healthy modern living

Yoga Teacher & FRC® Mobility Specialist

Reasons we love Farah: Her tutorial videos are the bomb dot com, we are huge fans . She shows both fails and wins which makes her more relatable.

Hend Mossallam @hend.mossallam

500h certified yoga teacher

Reasons we love Hend: Her posts like are beautiful pieces of art that bring us a sense of calm.

Mariam Azmi @mariamazmi_

The Soul Dancer

International Yoga Teacher & Holistic Wellness Advocate

Reasons we love Mariam: She writes from the heart and she speaks her mind. And because we know her well, we also know this is as real as it gets.

Nina Kabbany @nina_kabbany

Traveling Yoga Instructor, RYT 500

Reasons we love Nina: Fun and safe workouts...check! Postivity...double check!

Noor Ibrahim @bethelight.noor


Yoga Teacher

Meditation Teacher

Chakra Yoga

Mindfulness & self-love advocate

Adjunct Professor, AUC

Reasons we love Noor: Her humanness shines through her posts and her genuineness beams through her pactices.

Nour Gheita (and her little ones) @nour_yoga

Wife & Mother of two

Sharing my yoga journey/tips & tricks

Inversion addict

Looking to inspire and be inspired

Reasons we love Nour: She's an inspirational mama! Her practice is raw and real. We have tagged along her journey for some time now and we love seeing her and her little ones grow.

Sara El Sherbiny @saraelsherbiny

Integrative Healing Practitioner

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga instructor


EFT practitioner

Ayurvedic Hormonal Health coach

Reasons we love Sara: A woman of many talents. You can tell she's out there to help us heal. You'll find a good dose of fun tutorials too.

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